Download TensorFlow 0.10.0 for Cuda 8.0 and Ubuntu 16.04

I’d really like to have a look at Parsey McParseface as it seems to have some fuss around this Google’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) machine based on SyntaxNet.

But, as I’m keeping my packages up-to-date (a good practice for Debian users, maybe not that great on Ubuntu), I had troubles installing TensorFlow 0.10.0rc0 for Cuda 8.0 with gcc 5.4.0 and Python 2.

Why bothering with Cuda 8.0 while the version 7.5 works great from pip, you’re pondering ?
Cuda 7.5 is not available for Ubutun 16.04 64bits, strangely the 8.0 is. Every Xenial users discussions seem to converge to building our own wheel from the source.
After experiencing dependencies troubles, I wanted to spare the time of building it for those of you who have the same system configuration.

  • Be sure you checked my configuration and have the same (Python 2, Cuda 8, Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64)
  • Download the wheel here for TensorFlow 0.10.0rc0
  • # sudo pip install this_wheel_file
  • Get a beer, you deserve it !

(of course, this is just a wheel. You need to follow the previous steps and requirements from the TensorFlow installation guide)

And for the ones interested by Parsey McParseface, check out this awesome video from Sirajology :