Brain Farming, Thoughts


This is ridiculous. The recent fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg on AI is incredibly dumb!


Besides ending by a childish “You don’t know crap about AI, I do”, it’s just the phenomenon AIpocalypse reaching a larger audience. The billionaire Elon Musk isn’t the only one preaching for being careful about AI taking over the world, though he’s the only one calling for public regulation. From the famous futurologue and chief of engineering at Google’s Ray Kurzweil to the Youtuber Robert Miles; the weird idea that classifier requiring hundreds of thousands of pictures to distinguish between cats and dogs could become sentient and elaborate deep secret strategy threatening human kind is spreading.

I keep saying it; the current AI wave has mostly been pushed by marketing, though getting more accurate technics ended up as a profitable consequence. We are far from reaching anything sentient-like. We haven’t even stated the correct question yet. Right now, machine learning is just statistical classification with a bit of logic and those are aimed at a certain goals fueled with limited resources. But those catastrophic scenarii are about sci-fi and expectations. From the point we stand by, right now, it is unrealistic, we don’t even have a full taste of the challenges yet.
Even investigating, from the neurological perspective, the sentient intelligence question isn’t feasible; we keep discovering new dynamics in the brain, such as the recent dendrites independant firing mechanism discovery.

Therefore, the hard-AI question still remains:

Can an individual grows on something else than a human body ?

But here’s the most interesting part: it seems that the AIpocalypse ideas could be based on some actual expectations from a larger audience. But what if we cannot provide this experience with current AI ?

I have no more solution than anyone on the matter of sentient AI but I do think I can provide the tools to, at least, unravel the questions if not solve some of them. Tools to create and develop something that can evolve and get feedbacks from and with user experience.


Guess what? That’s not the first time we develop simulated intelligence. I mean, since the homonculus of the alchemists, we got way better at making imaginary friends.
Those recent years, we even evolved from the Furby to the Nao in terms of domestic robotic. Hell yeah, we have other options !

In the purely digital realm, we had tamagotchi. Those little eggs growing to be a random creature you could play after it woke you up for poop flooding. Similar were the japanese digimons; a pocket individual monster that you could connect to battle. I could talk about Pokémon but it’s virtual creatures in virtual environment that, while supposedly being pocket monster, won’t fit due to the game boy size.

Anyway, to develo those sentient AIs, maybe we should start by mimicking sentient ? People are more at their ease with an animal-like creature because their expectations are lesser, those tricks should be used to make a better AI interface.
Besides that, it would be really cool to develop a sentient AI if you can have a live feedback from a user friendly interface like a tamagotchi. Or even, though a dream, making online duals on datasets?

The tamagotchi is a really primitive form of AI. By breaking it into simple elements and rebuilding it with machine learning objectives in mind, I think it could be a great asset for a trial-and-error approach of the sentient intelligence problem as well as a great motivator to make its own virtual creature evolves. It’s even really well suited for reinforcement learning as we can have a punish/reward system compatible with tamagotchi philosophy.

At least, this is my objective starting mid-september, hopefully with my MSc. of Engineering in the pocket. Every help is warmly welcomed, we cannot be too much to gamify AI development. The thoughts will come here, in the brain farming category, and the code will go on Github.
If you are interested to join, keep in touch until I learn how to build an open source community.

Until then I got some brainstorming for you.
Let’s say a brain farm is the framework to develop those virtual creatures, but what would be their name ? How would you picture it and its reactions ? Would you experience it as a background task running live on your computer ? What would you be able to make this interface user friendly ? And whatever you got in mind guys, but leave a comment please 😉