Brain Farming

LabAware Manifesto is In Progress

Hi guys!

Here’s the deal; the company I made my internship with pushed me to start earlier and on an incredibly difficult project. I like it because it’s challenging and my ability to design large software will grow with but… goddamn I cannot find time for anything anymore !

I did not forget about my promise about the Tamagotchi thing (or Botchi). It’s supposed to be a module from a bigger project I already mentioned as “BrainFarm”. Though it’s kinda commonly used over the web. After scratching my head on it; it became “LabAware” (which I find kinda cool and, most importantly, unique).

Behind, I’m progressing really really slowly on it but it’s a long term project. And then, when people ask me, it’s hard to explain because it’s still a bit of a puzzle in my mind. Therefore, I’m gonna settle a proper manifesto that can be understood widely and, hopefully, be a motivator for some other computer and data scientists to join the approach or, at least, understand it.

I’m gonna try to make it right so it will take time but, good news, the draft version is already ongoing and I’ll share it here with much more details and external links that the final version will have. It will be open for comments before the draft evolves to its final form so, as usual, please give your opinion.