Brief, SERF

Bye openBrainTer

I’m slowly, but surely, transferring the remains of openBrainTer to Serf.

Damn that trial project was 4 years ago; it feels like going through the basics again, as the idea was already there. An open framework to develop a brain for your computer; openBrainTer (I might suck at naming softwares).  Except I now have a much deeper idea of what needs to be done.

I always skipped the FXML implementation part in openBrainTer, not willing to rethink everything within new standards. As I’m learning back JavaFX, I started without even considering doing otherwise than FXML. That’s a neat way to split your project in MVC, and I like to be able to add a css layer on top of it ^^

If you’ve never tried JavaFX before; just go for it! It gives you a lot of power and freedom over your UI; it makes your application shinny and helps you do better design for better UX.

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