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The curious crusade of today

It seems today that social networks are the vehicles to a complete nihilistic approach of the information that expands because it can only do so. Here’s my reasoning;

In 2019, everything that is neither too violent or pornographic can, and probably will, be seen. The “rule 34” is even a way to refer to that idea of content explosion. Which is awesome, considering Humanity always had limited communication as a well-established fact.

Then you have the special case of what is “shocking”. If there’s a strong consensus over violence and porn, though the threshold differs from an individual to another, the consensus fall a part when points of view differ.
Atheists are more tolerant to blasphemies, nudists are more tolerant to nakedness, war victims are less tolerant to violence, etc. According to who we are, we don’t expect the same content in the same way; some “alarms” might be triggered more easily.

Except that it’s a case of the past.
What gets to buzz is not really what is the most enjoyable, but what creates debates and polarization. But, when the controversy is about showing something or not, the ban camp already lost. As the polemic will grow, the interest in the information that needed to be hidden is now buzzing (the Streisand effect).

Finally, you cannot fight for censorship in this new connected age; it just makes it worst.
Then, does it mean that no sensitivity should be spared?
Some people can be really hurt by opinions aimed at their believes or communities, but they will have to avoid what shocks them and hold their griefs, to avoid igniting the social networks. Whatever are you true believes, censorship worldwide seems good to decline until disappearance, because it simply became obsolete.

But, then, nihilism will become the apparent norm; as the only way to communicate. Kids will grow in constant nihilism, some becoming culturally passionless and extremely tolerant to content. Is that a good thing ?

Eventually, politically correct will shrink our domains of communication, and it will sort itself by having no matter for communication?

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