The Day I was Over Optimistic …

Ok, this title might be really hard to get if you don’t have my notes in front.

Though, this Sunday 30th June around 5pm, as I was thinking about what I just wrote down in my notebook, I thought that I might have reached the bottom of the project; the sounding ground from which I can start building Serf safely.

That really feels good after so many philo- mathematical drama, and struggles around ideas like agents, communication, domain languages, representation, and son on. I guess something really stupid was, at last, blocking me conceptually; but attributes are just simpler children, and no distinction really exists.

So, yay, I just need to find how to put all those representational spaces together nicely (fortunately, they don’t have the same dimensions, so let’s figure out how they can group up) and go through ALL my heaps of notes to synthesize (part is already done, but lots of upgrades are required) then I’ll be on the clear to start coding \o/

(even better; I might have a project to build it along users feedback)

[edit 02/09] Gosh… when did I plan that post?! I’ll let it there as a memorandum but there are really no “threshold point” in this project. Is there a Zeno’s paradox regarding achieving something and getting a clear idea of what needs to be built?