Brief, SERF

Dead Man’s Switch

Hi everyone, long time no see! So here it’s time to debrief a bit about what I was up to and what about the other blog threads I let on pause for a while.

First, I’m really glad to announce that I made a good use of that second lockdown by putting together everything Serf-related (even TreeAlgebra, MetaMesa, LabAware, BrainFarm, openBrainTer,…). This means that they’ll be new material for MetaMesa but I’m not sure how to release it yet.

But the real point is to realize a synthesis that won’t be easily lost.
Life is stupidly short, it has never been designed for people to accumulate knowledge and work on long-term projects; that’s a commodity of modern society and long lifespan. Truth is, a virus or a car could take your life the next day and every long term progression will be lost with it.

As I’m living in the fear of dying anytime, I made such an ambitious project (with this blog as a corollary) to give to my last breath the satesficit of having brought something worth it and meaningful with it. As the risk of death, or being unable to complete this project, is real; I decided to realize some sort of fail-safe which consists of a 2.7GB PDF containing 1604 pages of raw notes messily organized and badly formatted (the pleasure of working with LaTeX from so many sources).

This document is in a mix of French and English, it’s not sorted by themes and could be really hard to understand as I still need to produce a cleaner version (but it’ll come in the long run). Although I have some hopes that publishing it will prevent these notes to become fully lost if anything happens; like there’ll be hope for someone to maybe take over and extract the most interesting bits out of it.
It will be published here in 20years from now on, unless I decide to unschedule it but, even if I get to make a clean version, I doubt to ever remove those notes from publication.
This constitute my “dead man’s switch”.

What about other threads ?

It seems I’m gaining more regular readers those days. Meaning if I keep posting “in a rush” before getting to sleep and rework it the next day because one of my sentence isn’t intelligible or I’m missing the cover picture of the post, the readers who will get them “fresh” will also have a more drafty version of the post. (it even happened that I rewrote almost completely a post the next day)

But this blog is also a raw thoughts realm where I try to keep my pleasure of “open brainstorming” instead of “closed reworking”.
I mean I’m starting to feel compel to be more parsimonious and rigorous in this exercise, to better show what I’m capable of, but that’ll reduce my pleasure and my productivity far from the initial lean philosophy of “build it first, fix it later”.

The thread on LYFE, for instance, has 3 drafts pending and I can’t figure out how to get back on it. I’ll probably need to better understand the Gray-Scott model and to give some thoughts on why removing metabolism, which defaults to only one-loop, the homeostasis one, instead of 2 opposite feedback loops, is an ok model. (in signal processing, you can do a lot of weird stuff, but biological models have a lot of constraints preventing you to play with scales of values)

As I said in the previous paragraph, the Meta-Mesa topic really evolved well those last months and I’d be glad to publish something about it but it’s also part of the work I need to put in synthesis and clean up of my raw notes PDF.
Let’s see how this go but, going forward with this document, I’ll probably have old and new topics to publish about in the coming months or years.

Well… That’s it for now! If you want to see more about that dead man’s switch, let’s meet here in 2040! (don’t forget to program the reminder in your robot butler or your talking self-flying car, obviously)