2020 got Cool Js Experiences in Your Browser

We can say I am easily impressed by graphics running in the browser, even though my 1k+ tabs make them a bit laggy. But the latest demos I’ll share might blow your mind as well as mine.

It has been few years now that solutions exist to elegantly display graphics in the browser to benefit from new technologies such as canvas or webGL.
As fundamental projects for the web, we can mention D3.js, which adds powerful 2D graph capabilities for data-driven documents, such as visualization web-based notebooks for data sciences, or three.js, which provides an efficient API to handle 3D in the browser allowing us to have multiplayer 3D games directly served in the browser without any installation for a while.

As I was looking for a nice way to display data as editable graphs, I upgraded myself with what’s up in this really cool field and what wonders did front-end dev and graphists came up with. Oh boy I wasn’t disappointed !

I still have a crush for paper.js “tadpoles” (really paper.js? You see tadpoles there?) but, reading a repo using the 2D particle physics engine Newton.js, I saw they were allowing an alternative to D3.js (which is not cytoscape)
This alternative is called cola.js (or webcola) and they really got me with their examples :

So much potential with all that cool materials; web-based UI and IDE really have a bright future and I’m really curious of what I’ll build with this and my new interest for React.

Although, here’s the creamy part;
I also came to explore what was new in 2020 with WebGL + Three.js and I spent most of this experience the mouth opened, baffled by the beauty of this experience.

High definition particle fx, 3D sound that you get to control, and beautiful transitions between scenes based on smooth rail exploration just to advert for an opera. It really sold it as the experience, in the dark with good headset, is pretty intense.

Google Chrome guys have been experimenting with WebGL as well, but this “dream” is really appealing; mixing videos and 3D through a little journey in a weird and cool world, they offer us an experience quite unique that really feels like a sweet dream I won’t spoil. They even go further as to open source it and embed an editor to make your own dream world. So so cool!